Mobile TIPSS Vehicle Integration & Land Systems Development

Mobile TIPSS was designed to be a mobile surveillance platform offering encompassing situational awareness and IED protection through advanced armors. Mobile TIPSS provides troop protection and base defense to units in rear areas as well as forward positions by detecting sneak attacks and border & perimeter penetrations through its use of an elevated and reconfigureable sensor package. 

Current military operational success requires the military to rapidly project a lethal and survivable combat power into any part of the world and support forces across a broad range of military operations and climatic conditions within 48 to 96 hours. As a reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition platform Mobile TIPSS improves the ability to confront the more modern day intruder as a force multiplier and can be a sustaining support element in a post-conflict phase.
Mobile TIPSS directly addresses the critical urgent needs areas of Persistent Surveillance of Remote Airfields, Forward Operating Base Over-Watch and Route Clearance. The current armor and IED protection need runs defense wide, and while the system has incorporated not only its own advanced spall liner, it additionally includes other previously developed armors as well.
The project has led to additional technologies such as the hive network of communications, virtual tagging and targeting, modular protective shelter enhancement panels, as well as the IED protective composite BD9000. The reconfigurable nature of this design has also paved the way for the MCAV or mine resistant combat vehicle. The culmination of these technologies presents a multi-purpose vehicle that can adapt to a wide variety of military functions while keeping our troops out of harms way.

Base Features:
· Base-level Armor: Multi-hit, multi-threat to include all small arms up to and including 30-06    AP, encompassing 360 degrees at 25 yards, and 12.7mm at 75 yards. Level two armor that includes threats up to and  including 12.7mm AP, 14.5mm AP, 20mm FSP, and capabilities to defeat a number of IED threats.
· IED shock mitigation structural design, including shock mitigation seating & buffered   component mounting
· Emergency ballistic evacuation windshields
· V-Shaped underbody protection against IED fragmentation and overpressure
· Triple sealed door protection against ultra fine particulates, water, biological & chemical threats
· Watertight undercarriage and drivetrain
· Snorkeled air intake
· Capacity: 6 troops and 2 operators
· Thermal neutral vehicle coating 


Bigge Defense views Millinocket Maine as an ideal community for its manufacturing needs. The demographics and suitability of this tranquil community are now being looked at by other defense companies. The attraction for larger defense companies to relocate to rural regions can be seen in the quality and craftsmanship found in each product manufactured.


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